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She, Steve? Doc asked. Yeah, Doc. Steve caressed her right hand. No need to change this, then. She'll have it for a while. We need to administer fluids, antibiotics, and nutrients. Freebody looked at the pair, who, in his eyes, still seemed like husband and wife. But she now belonged to someone else. ' I need to walk a bit, so I'm going to find Captain Azareel. I'll update him as to her prognosis. Is she going to make it? Steve kept his voice low, as if she could hear. Oh, sure. I don't see why not. Her blood pressure is still low, and she has lost some blood, so she's got a more difficult recovery ahead than is normal for childbirth, but the main danger is past, I would think. Pat brought a prepared bag of fluid and together, they got the new IV going. We are going to give her some fluid and an antibiotic to guard against infection. According to the Archeon med tech she has not eaten in about forty-two hours, so she'll imobiliare bucuresti be weak. Let us know if she wakes. Sure. Thanks, Doc. *** Freebody left Pat and Steve with Venice and asked an android to escort him to Azareel. The gigantic alien captain was in Venice's living quarters. Azareel had gone there, ostensibly to help with the children--but he probably needed to page get away from the tension in the medical center. They sat in her lounge, on corners of couches that formed an L, and conversed quietly. The surgery is complete. I performed a Cesarean, undergeneral anesthesia. My nursing istant, Pat McPherson, is with her, and she will monitor Venice until she recovers from the anesthesia. Doc sat back and regarded the huge alien. Captain, at this time I see no evidence that she will not recover fully. You must understand that she will be very weak and sore bucuresti for several days. But with good nursing care, I see no reason that she won't make a full recovery. The child looked healthy to me. Undoubtedly, your medical team will know much more about norms for an Archeon infant, so I'll leave that to them, Freebody explained. Doctor, Azareel said formally, I cannot thank you enough. My androids simply did not have the knowledge to perform major surgery--not on a human. Again, you have my infinite thanks. Captain, how many children has she had? This is her third. We have had no other trouble, and Alathea has just had her fourth. We knew that this one was a bit larger, but I had no idea that this would be the result. Your troubles may just be beginning, Doc informed him. That's too many children in too short a time. She needs rest, a lot of it. It will take her a while to simply heal; my incision was quite large, for a C- section. That means no lifting or straining for several weeks. After that, she needs time to get her weight back down, time to exercise, and to build up her strength. No more pregnancy for a while. Like batteries, her body needs to recharge. How long, doctor? We were using a nine month interval, for this recharging you speak of. Let's say eighteen months minimum, before beginning another pregnancy. And if she doesn't heal quickly and get her strength back, maybe as long as twenty-four. Doctor, that's too long. She must fulfill imobiliare bucuresti her role as mother to the Archeon race. If you are not careful, she will be filling a hole in the ground. I do imobiliare bucuresti not understand. Azareel looked puzzled. We bury